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So Long 2013, I’m Leaving You.

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2013 sucked2013 was filled with lessons.  I learned to listen to my inner voice and my true self more than ever.  I also learned there were things that I was not meant to conquer.  While I was temporarily upset, I ultimately felt elated.  The weight was removed from my chest and I was able to breathe again.  It was empowering.  Sometimes the best lessons learned are those associated with loss.  They may be painful, and show us parts of ourselves we may not be comfortable or satisfied with, but the mirror they hold up to us reflects reality, and helps us move forward.  Grieve, for what was lost,  if we must.  Then grin, as we say, “Whew! Time to try something new.”

Books were my constant companions and led me to amazing friendships with readers, authors and bloggers.  These authors’ words helped me through a year of personal and professional failure.   They provided bright spots on bleak days and a few moments of escape, while I regrouped.  I will be forever grateful.

My “daughters,” Kristen and Sammy, and I solidified our bond and I look forward to meeting them in a few short months.  They are some of the strongest women I know and unbelievable examples of motherhood.  I thank Julie Richman for writing the books that brought Kristen and Sammy into my life.

Hayson Manning’s books brought this sumptuous Kiwi goddess into my life.   She has been an amazing Facebook pen pal, whom I hope to meet someday soon.  We have a date on a beautiful island in the South Pacific to sip frosty beverages and ogle gorgeous, shirtless, alpha men.  For research purposes, of course.

Julie Leto, whose work I have admired for many years, joined the ranks of independently published authors with her Dirty Dare novellas, which have recently been released as one novel Dirty Dare (Sexy Suspense Novel).   She has been writing intelligent, strong female characters for many years and I highly recommend her work.   (I hope I don’t lose my fangirl mind, when I meet her in 2014, for café con leche.  I really have loved her, since the old Blaze days at Harlequin.  And, I do mean old days.)

Military romances, a longtime passion of mine, also featured predominantly in 2013 and I read books by Heather Long, Tonya Burrows, Kelsie Leverich, Bella JuarezJeanette Murray Melissa Schroeder, Laura Kaye, Kaylea Cross, Cristin HarberJ.M. Madden, Tawny Weber and Ann Mayburn.    Many featured Veterans finding, and keeping love, while dealing with the aftermath of their service, like PTSD and injuries sustained in combat.   These women write with an understanding and deep respect for men and women in uniform and I am excited to read their offerings in 2014.

Towards the end of the year, I “discovered” Robin CovingtonAvery Flynn and Kimberly Kincaid or the “Man Warriors.”  I was drawn to their quick, yet snarky, senses of humor and began to read their books.  I was not disappointed, as their characters reflected each one’s unique style and attention to character development.

My paranormal “jones” was satisfied by Shelly Laurenston, Rosanna Leo, Milly Taiden, R.E. ButlerLauren DaneAlexandra Ivy, Lauren Wright, Laura KayeHeather Long and Christine Warren.   Wolves, big cats and bears…oh my!   Last, but not least, were Gina Maxwell who made tough, tattooed MMA fighters lovable and Tymber DaltonJoey W. Hill and Cherise Sinclair, who have known how to push my “envelope” just right, for years.

24384685-happy-new-year-2014-replace-2013-concept-on-the-sea-beachMy other constant companions were Hubby and our K9 kids.  They kept me sane, grounded and made me laugh when I could not and smile when I thought I would drown in my tears.   I am blessed to have them in my life.  Hubby, your gentleness, strength and patience knows no bounds.  I love you more today, than the day I married you.

So 2013, I bid thee adieu.  Don’t let the door hit you on the ass, on the way out.  You will not be missed.

Why Hello, 2014…you’re a sexy beast.  Sit right down here and let’s get to know each other, shall we?

Book Review – “Predator’s Kiss (Gemini Island Shifters, Book 1) by Rosanna Leo

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After suffering from a book hangover, I was ready to try something different. Something paranormal and furry, but a departure from my favorite wolf shifters was in order. Most shifters are charismatic, debonair, rich, skirt-chasing studs. Normally, I would be all over that yumminess, but Rosanna Leo’s Predator’s Kiss (Gemini Island Shifters, Book 1) had been on my TBR list and I decided to read about her reclusive bear shifter.

Reserved Grizzly Bear Finds His Private Sexy Author

Ryland Snow created the perfect resort for shifters. Gemini Island was a remote, quiet, virtually human-free sanctuary where he mentored bear shifter teens, and shifter families could vacation without being discovered and harassed. Soren, Ryland’s famous rock star brother shows up for a “surprise” visit, right before they meet Lia Goodblood, an erotica author on the run from a crazed fan. Ryland, having been burned in the past by a human female, does his best to keep Lia at arm’s length. However, they are fated to be together, as mates.

Ms. Leo places two characters that have been living away from the public eye, and limelight, together under some stressful circumstances. In finding each other, they learn how to accept themselves, and their strengths, fully. Lia, who has been living in the shadows, embraces her inner alpha woman to protect her mate. Moreover, Ryland opens himself up to the possibility that he can trust a human woman to protect him, and other shifters. Add in some creative use of honey and the re-enactment of some of Lia’s erotic novel, for “inspiration,” and Predator’s Kiss (Gemini Island Shifters, Book 1) is the perfect sexy novel to read by the pool…or hot tub. (Soren’s story should be interesting, because he is the quintessential womanizing rock star. When he falls, it will be hard and forever).

Here is the link to my review on Amazon:  Review for “Predator’s Kiss (Gemini Island Shifters, Book 1) by Rosanna Leo