My Vagenda of the day

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1.  Aspirin, fluids, benadryl and soup, to feel better.

2. Bringing all the boys to the yard, to crush their fragile egos, as we begin the manocide.

3. Slutty books and doggie cuddles.

4. Gilmore Girls marathon.

What’s on your  Vagenda of ManocideVagenda of Manocide?


Song of the Day – “What Does the Fox Say?” with Corresponding Spoof

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If you haven’t seen Ylvis’s video “What Does the Fox Say?” you are a) lucky, b) in for a treat,  or c) may curse me for leaving you with a terrible earworm.  Either way, this is Norwegian comedy at it’s best.  Or worst.   Or strangest.


Ryan Higa’s spoof is priceless!  Happy Friday,  everyone!

Why Shakespeare Should Quit Writing

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Fight the power, Sarah. The menace of Shakespeare MUST be stopped. I shall join your cause, but only if there are cute t-shirts and shoes.

I read the, now infamous, Huffington Post article criticizing J.K. Rowling and a few thoughts came to mind, “girl, listen to your friend next time,” “oh, THAT’S going to leave a mark,” and “just say no to drunk blogging, people.”

Karma sandwich. It’s what’s for dinner.

To read the article that inspired Sarah’s glorious rant, click here: If JK Rowling Cares About Writing, She Should Stop Doing It.  The title alone is a doozy – a call to arms, if you will.  Strap on your bullet-proof snark vest and kiss your writing career goodbye, Toots.

Duck and Cover

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I am not, nor ever will be, a fan of “Duck Dynasty.”  However, the brouhaha over the suspension of a public figure who made ugly, unthinkable, regrettable  homophobic and racist comments made me long for the days when “A&E” signified ARTS and entertainment, only.   The duck person’s right to free speech was not infringed upon, as he spoke honesty and freely, in the GQ Interview.  As a result, he was suspended from the show (I suspect due to violating terms in his contract with the network).   People face these types of consequences every day, as corporations may create whatever policies they want for their employees.  That is all that occurred, in this case.

Reality TV show “celebrities” opened themselves up for a greater degree of scrutiny when they signed their contracts and agreed to be filmed.  They had the opportunity NOT to participate.   Many who have been interviewed after their shows aired, stated their lives were forever changed and lamented the loss of privacy, relationships and sense of themselves.   Notably, the Osbornes, who were no strangers to the public eye, ultimately regretted opening the doors of their private lives and homes to a television audience.

Unfortunately, the duck person was being touted as a “champion for Christian values,” and the angry mob of his “fans” began calling for boycotts of the network, petitions to be signed and have spewed more hate-filled speech towards A&E and organizations that promote LGBT equality and rights.  This non-controversy will result in more sales for the duck people’s products as their “fans” rush to “support” them, enriching their coffers even more.  Their “fans” will continue to vilify and marginalize people whom they believe are “beneath” them and continue their scorched earth campaign against “others.”   Just as Jesus would do, I’m sure.

“Christians” could follow Pope Francis’ example…but they have already labeled The Pope as “anti-Christian.”  Oops.

The aftermath will be must-see TV, although my sincerest wish is that the duck people, the baby pageants, and the Kardashians are canceled and replaced with educational programming.  Or all shows of that ilk are grouped into a new network entitled “Dumb Me Down.”

Pass.  The.  Popcorn.

30 Days of Thanks – Day 18

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No Spam Ever
No Spam Ever

As I mentioned on June 12th and June 25th I am indebted to my Spam Blocker for diligently patrolling my blog to keep it free from undesirable content.  Today I send my thanks to those savvy programmers who write the code to keep up with the ever-growing mountain of cybercrap being flung at every website, in hope that some will stick.  Salute!

Fifty Shades Of Grey To Be Released V-Day 2015

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The train wreck that keeps on giving, and the behind-the-scenes drama and shenanigans will overshadow this “movie.” I’ve said it before, it will end up as a Hallmark Channel throw-away, or as the next episode of “American Horror Story: The Making of 50 Shades.” Pass. The. Popcorn.

The Eye Patch for your Va-Ja-Jay by Vonnie Davis

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If you are not following the Chick Swagger blog, – what are you waiting for?! Snark of the highest caliber for all tastes. Two, enthusiastic thumbs WAY UP!

Chick Swagger

Chickas, I’m continuing on with Avery Flynn’s most excellent topic of underwear. Lingerie. Or in this instance, the space age eye patch for your va-ja-jay.


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#Sharknado took over Twitter, but not the ratings race

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I woke up this morning to sunny skies and birds chirping in the trees.   I am suffering from post-Sharknado storm fatigue and thanking our lucky stars that Ian Ziering learned how to wield a chainsaw at West Beverly High.   This movie is a possible end-of-days scenarios that has not been considered.  I for one, am happy, to have been shown this cautionary tale.  We were saved from imminent planetary destruction, people!

The moral of this story: Be nice to sharks and stop chasing tornadoes.  You never know when they will reunite for a sequel.

Governor Perry, watch out for the Wendy Davis Express

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Dear Melissa,
I teach on Saturday mornings, so I only hear your show on my XM Radio. You keep me going and I appreciate your outrage, passion, humor, dedication, and hard work to ensure those who need to hear a LESSON, hear it.
Your fan,