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Governor Perry, watch out for the Wendy Davis Express

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Dear Melissa,
I teach on Saturday mornings, so I only hear your show on my XM Radio. You keep me going and I appreciate your outrage, passion, humor, dedication, and hard work to ensure those who need to hear a LESSON, hear it.
Your fan,

2012 Election and Ladybits

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I know who I am voting for this Presidential election cycle.  I signed up to support Barack Obama on the day he announced his candidacy.  Worked on his campaign through the rough primaries against Hilary Clinton, when we thought we were down and out.    Participated, as a Delegate to my State Convention and stayed up, with my husband, to watch election returns.

My husband, a Reagan Republican and Army Veteran, and I cried when we realized we became a part of history, when Obama was elected President of the United States.    I continue to support the President, even though he and I hold differing views on several subjects – namely bringing home our troops on a shorter timetable.

But, the past couple of years have been rather revealing in the area of Women’s Rights.   I have watched those rights being eroded away, legislatively, by what I now call the “scared, impotent, angry, bigoted, WASPy, men/boys.”   They are led by those “boys” – you know the ones – from high school and college that were whiners.  They whined when there was a test.  They whined when they had to practice to stay on sports teams.  And, they whined when the women, they were having sex with, requested they engage in a little foreplay before pumping twice, sweating, coming and passing out, cold.   There are many variations of this scenario – some involving alcohol, drugs, coercion, violence, etc.  But, the gist is the same – selfishness.

I believe the “War on Women,” has been orchestrated by these “boys,” in order to retaliate against those girls who held them to a higher standard, that they couldn’t, or were simply too lazy, to reach.  So, what do they do?  Attack women at the very heart of womanhood – reproductive rights.

Quick anatomy lesson:  Only women can become pregnant.   Therefore, the onus of responsibility for contraception falls more heavily on the woman.   I am, by no means, talking about people in loving, responsible relationships where there is open communication, respect and a mutual understanding of reproductive choices.   I happen to be in such a relationship, with a man who knows what to do to get me going.  Yes, I know I’m blessed.  And so does he.

No, I’m talking about perfect strangers, namely middle-aged men who want to regulate other people’s lives. They’ve infused their warped sense of morality with their leadership roles in order to force women to conform to standards they’ve developed, based in part, on pre-Women’s Movement stereotypes of women, as “wives” and “mothers.”  In other words, the “baby makers.”

Well, I say….ENOUGH.  Actually, I’d like to say, “Go fuck yourselves,” but I think they would enjoy that too much.  So, my sincerest wish for all of them is this:   I hope women vote them the hell out of office with our cast iron vaginas, steel-belted cervices, and fully locked and loaded uteri.   Because a woman brought each and every one of them into this world,  it’s only right that women take them out.