I Don’t Accommodate Uncontrolled Men

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AMEN! I’ve always felt that purity culture is nothing more than a whiny copout to being accountable and responsible for one’s own behavior.

It seemed to have sprouted as backlash against “political correctness,” or as I like to call it “Be nice or be quiet,” “put a sock in it, loser,” or “your ass will be meeting with Human Resources. A lot. And, you will NOT enjoy it.”

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It’s summer! Time for all the the ladies to start posting articles about why it’s not a woman’s responsibility to prevent a man from lusting and all the gentlemen to start posting comments about why it’s not a woman’s responsibility, but she sure can help.

I’ve been encouraged to see the pushback, by women, even women in more conservative circles, against the toxic idea that a woman’s clothing choices can cause men to stumble.

But this pushback gets halted when a guy stands up and comfortably announces that while this personal responsibility thing all sounds great, the reality is that normal, healthy guys like him struggle, so women should still cover up. And the ladies go a little silent, unable to argue with this universal battle against sexual temptation that women never face.

The pushback against purity culture dies right then and there, because no woman wants to challenge…

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