Giant group recreates ‘When Harry Met Sally’ deli scene: We’ll have what they’re having — VIDEO

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Smile of the day! I love the unsuspecting men’s reactions. Some looked a bit frightened.

Fifty Shades Of Grey To Be Released V-Day 2015

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The train wreck that keeps on giving, and the behind-the-scenes drama and shenanigans will overshadow this “movie.” I’ve said it before, it will end up as a Hallmark Channel throw-away, or as the next episode of “American Horror Story: The Making of 50 Shades.” Pass. The. Popcorn.

“Dirty Girls Social Club” Movie

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“Dirty Girls Social Club” Movie

Alisa Valdes captures the stories of REAL Latinas in the United States, in her “Dirty Girl Social Club” series.  Her characters are strong, independent, college-educated, professional, loving, passionate women who struggle to balance their families, personal lives and work.   “Las Sucias” deserve their moment on the big screen!

Ms. Valdes has created an a account on Kickstarter to raise funds for the movie.   If we all work together, we make this happen!

¡Sí se puede!   Click on the link and leave a generous gift.