“Latin America: Deaf, Dumb, and Blind to Crisis in Venezuela” by Carlos Sabino

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“Latin America: Deaf, Dumb, and Blind to Crisis in Venezuela” by Carlos Sabino

Editorial by Carlos Sabino on the lack of response by Latin American countries to the critical situation in Venezuela.   Panamá remains the only country to demand the OAS  (Organization of American States) intervene.   As a result, Venezuelan President Maduro severed economic and diplomatic ties with Panamá on Wednesday.   This was the statement released to the press by President Martinelli of Panamá, in response.  It is important to acknowledge, that Venezuela was one of the most vocal countries in calling for investigations of violent suppression of peaceful demonstrations in Panamá, in the mid to late 1980s.

The Best Oscars Recap You’ll Ever Read

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The Best Oscars Recap You’ll Ever Read

I love the Betches for their hard-hitting commentary.  And, snark.

I watched and live tweeted throughout the show on “tvtag.”   It was one of the best Oscars shows I’ve seen in years.  If Ellen is not available to host, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, should be considered.  The female comics keep the jokes funny and tasteful. 

No Estás Sola Venezuela

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No Estás Sola Venezuela

#SOSVenezuela  #PrayforVenezuela #PazenVenezuela  #PanameñosensolidaridadconVenezuela

Forbes Discovers “Sunshine City’s” Blossoming Art and Food Scene

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map of st petersburg floridaIn Sampling St. Petersburg’s New Art And Food Scene,  Forbes Travel Guide’s Michelle Doucette provides a glimpse into some of the changes St. Petersburg, Florida has been undergoing to become a destination for art lovers and foodies alike.

I lived in Tampa for almost ten years, before moving to St. Petersburg and can vouch for the eclectic arts scene that exists here.   While the article mentions our new and growing craft beer industry and some of the local breweries, it fails to acknowledge the long-time City, County and private partnerships that have contributed greatly to re-investments in the City of St. Petersburg.  Our City has dedicated green space and dog parks, and a Mayor, Rick Krisemen, who worked  tirelessly throughout his career to ensure our Human Rights Ordinance was developed and passed.  In fact, he was the first elected official to sign last year’s St. Pete Pride Proclamation, which coincided with one of the most successful, family-oriented, Pride celebrations in the country.  (He served on the City Council when he signed the Proclamation and was instrumental in keeping pressure on previous Mayors to sign the Proclamation).

Zeke, a regular patron, enjoys the leash-free area of Fort De Soto Park's Paw Playground.
Zeke, a regular patron, enjoys the leash-free area of Fort De Soto Park’s Paw Playground.

Add in Major League Baseball’s Tampa Bay Rays, museums with diverse collections like The Dali Museum,  the Florida Holocaust Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts,  one of the oldest and largest MLK Day celebrations in the country, our beautiful beaches and year-round great weather and you will begin to see why we love our unique slice of heaven.

I can be found at the dog beach at Fort De Soto, alongside Hubby and our sun-worshipping K9 kids: Zeke, Hannah and Charlie.

Venezuela por Rubén Blades

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Venezuela por Rubén Blades

soy panameno y me importa venezuelaPalabras de mí compatriota, cantante, actor y activísta, Rubén Blades.  No siempre hemos coincidido en la materia política, pero presenta un buen resúmen de las fallas garrafales, por todos los mandatarios y partidos políticos, en Venezuela.

Desafortunadamente, Argentina, Brasil, Uruguay y Paraguay han respaldado a un gobierno que continúa la repreción y violaciones de los derechos humanos de sus ciudadanos.  Las redes de comunicación mundiales todavía no dan la cara por los el pueblo Venezolano.

¡Sigan la lucha, amigos, chamos y chamas!   ¡Sus hermanos Latinoamericanos están con ustedes!