Marketing Books Effectively in the ebook Era

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Marketing Books Effectively in the ebook Era

Penny Sansevieri summarized trends that authors need to understand, in order to remain competitive in a changing digital age.  Everything you write, how you interact with readers and how many products you release are part of your brand.  Be sure they all present a cohesive picture.

30 Days of Thanks – Day 13

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I would change the curtains and cushion fabric to something less masculine, but it’s what I envision when dreaming of the perfect reading location.

Books, books, and more books! I am thankful that my parents inspired a love of reading early in my childhood and made trips to the library wonderful adventures. Recently, I have had the privilege of befriending several authors – both indie and traditional – and my love of reading has grown. May they find continued success!

Bodice-rippers of Old, Be Gone!

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Bodice-rippers of Old, Be Gone!

Readers will get what they demand.  Since women are expecting realistic characters, who reflect current times, romance authors are delivering a variety of fantastic female lead characters.  I have seen the trend toward deeper, better developed characters for over 20 years.  The next goal is to focus on the portrayal of women of color – all colors – accurately. 

To quote the “vintage” Virginia Slims’ ads – “You’ve come a long way, baby.”