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Book Review – “Predator’s Kiss (Gemini Island Shifters, Book 1) by Rosanna Leo

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After suffering from a book hangover, I was ready to try something different. Something paranormal and furry, but a departure from my favorite wolf shifters was in order. Most shifters are charismatic, debonair, rich, skirt-chasing studs. Normally, I would be all over that yumminess, but Rosanna Leo’s Predator’s Kiss (Gemini Island Shifters, Book 1) had been on my TBR list and I decided to read about her reclusive bear shifter.

Reserved Grizzly Bear Finds His Private Sexy Author

Ryland Snow created the perfect resort for shifters. Gemini Island was a remote, quiet, virtually human-free sanctuary where he mentored bear shifter teens, and shifter families could vacation without being discovered and harassed. Soren, Ryland’s famous rock star brother shows up for a “surprise” visit, right before they meet Lia Goodblood, an erotica author on the run from a crazed fan. Ryland, having been burned in the past by a human female, does his best to keep Lia at arm’s length. However, they are fated to be together, as mates.

Ms. Leo places two characters that have been living away from the public eye, and limelight, together under some stressful circumstances. In finding each other, they learn how to accept themselves, and their strengths, fully. Lia, who has been living in the shadows, embraces her inner alpha woman to protect her mate. Moreover, Ryland opens himself up to the possibility that he can trust a human woman to protect him, and other shifters. Add in some creative use of honey and the re-enactment of some of Lia’s erotic novel, for “inspiration,” and Predator’s Kiss (Gemini Island Shifters, Book 1) is the perfect sexy novel to read by the pool…or hot tub. (Soren’s story should be interesting, because he is the quintessential womanizing rock star. When he falls, it will be hard and forever).

Here is the link to my review on Amazon:  Review for “Predator’s Kiss (Gemini Island Shifters, Book 1) by Rosanna Leo