Back to School

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After much soul searching, crying, feeling hopeless and lost and eventually, determined…I am back in school with a renewed sense of interest.  I miss all my friends, but this Semester is about ME.  It is an opportunity to reassess how I learn and how to better manage my time.

Had I not experienced some difficulties and setbacks, last semester, I would not know that I have ADHD, which had a significant impact on my success in taking standardized tests.   Since, there were few Learning Specialists in colleges in the 1980s and 1990s, and I was successful in school, it never occurred to me, once I entered the professional working world, to be tested for learning challenges.

Until Spring 2012 semester, where I felt beyond overwhelmed by the material.   I felt as if I couldn’t quiet my mind enough to focus on one task at a time and was easily distracted.    I was mad at myself, because I couldn’t figure out what I was doing “wrong.”

A wonderful Learning Specialist, whom I suspect is several years younger than I, recommended I see a therapist and  be tested for learning challenges, especially with regards to concentration.   This woman opened up a new world for me and is helping me understand how to organize my materials to maximize my skills and minimize my stress!

For the first time, in a long time, I feel like success is attainable!   I wish you all the best as you return to school, or welcome a new season!

“Half the Sky”Trailer by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn

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Mark your calendars. Turn oppression into opportunity. Empower women.

Olympic Withdrawal

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The 2012 London Olympics have ended.  London hosted great games and showcased British culture and beautiful scenery.  I really liked the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and how they both honored and celebrated several generations of the “British Invasion” music.   I felt like it was a trip through my iPod!

Get ready to samba in Rio de Janeiro!

Local Theater and Arts Community

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I attended American Stage’s production of “The Foreigner.”  It reminded me how much I enjoy local/community theater and that it only exists with through the generous support of local patrons and businesses.  I am lucky to live in a town that can host the Vans Warped Tour, Anti-Warpt, Circus McGurkis, the Florida Orchestra, Tropical Heatwave and feature sculptures by area schoolchildren on yet another – all within a couple months.

The health and diversity of a community can often be seen in the strength of its arts scene.   I hope we continue to value and grow arts in our area.

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Worth sharing. I would substitute “Fraternity Man,” with Military Man, or simply Man of Honor (regardless of his affiliations).

Glimpse into the Soul of an Olympian

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See post below for full story.   (Damn you WordPress for not letting me write the post the way I wanted to!)

Yesterday,  Felix Sanchez, of the Domincan Republic won the gold medal in the 400-meter hurdles.  For a small Caribbean nation, this is justification for a huge day of national celebration.  But, there is so much more to Felix Sanchez.

Sanchez, a decorated athlete and 2004 gold medalist, failed to qualify for the 2008 Beijing Olympics event final.  During preliminary competition, he received news that his beloved abuela had passed away.  Distraught, he competed, but his mind, and heart were with his family.

Four years later, Sanchez, once again in the finals for the 400-meter hurdles, carried a photo of his abuela with him. Seeing him run, I got the sense that he was propelled by an otherworldly energy and joy.  I knew his grandmother was right beside him, encouraging him to be his best.   And, on that day, he was the best athlete.

But, what made this a moment I would never forget, was Sanchez’s reaction during the medal ceremony.   Once the hymn of the Dominican Republic began to play, he was overcome with emotion.   As the music reached its crescendo, he was openly sobbing and I cried right along with him, and for him.    A moment filled with so much joy, but bittersweet, because he would never share it with this grandmother.

Sometimes it’s good to be reminded that the Olympics should transcend sport and bring us closer together, through our shared humanity.


Being 40-something

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I’m in my mid-40s, born in the late 1960s and graduated high school in the mid-1980s.  I don’t discuss my actual age, because there are days I feel much older and days I feel like I’m still in my 20s….er….30s.

Don’t know if I’m going through a midlife crisis of sorts, but I do realize that while my mind is sharper, I have to work doubly hard to make sure my body is healthy.  Ugh.

Watching the Olympics has certainly brought me in touch with my mortality.  Watching the “older” athletes (who are still much younger than I am), has inspired me to continue to pursue health and fitness, rather than “losing weight” and “exercising.”

So, I continue to strive for progress, rather than perfection.   Although, good foundation garments are a must!

WordPress for Android…or Attempting to Blog From My Droid 4

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Hopefully, this posts makes it, as it’s my first attempt at phone blogging.  And, I’ve already decided that it’s too hard to do, even with my beloved qwerty keyboard.

Crap.  How do I get it to actually post this, now?


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Am I the only one out there that isn’t addicted to Pinterest, like a junkie on the corner of Crack and 8-Ball?  I’ve got an account and some boards, but after spending two days looking at complete strangers’ photos, I got bored.

What am I missing?!

The Olympics Start Soon!

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Can’t wait for the 2012 London Olympics!  I’ll be glued to the screen and possibly watch the 80 NBC networks that are cobbled together to present all the events, simultaneously.  Then, I’ll suffer Olympics withdrawal and will have to “medicate” with ebooks.  

“Weatherman,” by Dead Sara

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I’ve heard this band several times in the past few days on Sirius XM, as commercial radio and I parted company, years ago. I love strong female lead singers and wish female fronted bands received more recognition. Enjoy Dead Sara’s “Weatherman.” I wish them much success!

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Sharing a new author, Raven Morris’, anthology, “Tied With a Bow.” Enjoy!

Olivia Cunning's Blog

Debut erotic romance author, Raven Morris, wanted to share a few hotties this week. I figured, why not? So I’m handing over the reins

(and the saddle… and the riding crop… and the spurs… and the rope… and the ass-less chaps… and the… sorry, lost my train of thought) over to Raven this week. She is also sponsoring a giveaway. Enjoy! ~ Olivia

Now THIS is a reason to celebrate!

By Raven Morris

Hi everyone and thanks, Olivia, for allowing me to debut my new erotic short story series, Tied with a Bow by sharing my hotties on your Hottie Hump Day!

But this is pretty much the only sharing these guys are going to get, because the women do NOT want to share their fabulous birthday presents with anyone.

Yep, that’s what I said: birthday presents. Wouldn’t you like to unwrap something like this?

Imagine all the possibilities…


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Hannah’s Tanning Paradise.

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Hannah's Tanning Paradise.

Zeke (left), 10-year-old Black Lab/Greyhound, Hannah (middle) 9-year-old Black Lab/Pitbull, and Charlie (right) 2-year-old Belgian Malinois, enjoying the Florida sun.

Hannah is a professional in the art of GTL, and often has her brother and sister packmates over for spa days.

Vote Vets Reaction to Mrs. Obama’s Military Families Initiative on MSNBC

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Vote Vets Reaction to Mrs. Obama’s Military Families Initiative on MSNBC

As the wife of a US Army veteran (Go Artillery!), holidays that honor our nation take on a special meaning.  They are more than an opportunity to grill meat, watch fireworks, enjoy cool beverages and spend time with friends and family.    They are a time to reflect on the sacrifice our young men/women and their families make, so we can enjoy real freedom.   

On this eve of July 4th, my sincerest wish is that we bring our troops home quickly and safely, that they have the full medical/health benefits they have earned, are hired into their chosen career field, and never go hungry or homeless.  

Thank you and I support you, through