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Sharing a new author, Raven Morris’, anthology, “Tied With a Bow.” Enjoy!

Olivia Cunning's Blog

Debut erotic romance author, Raven Morris, wanted to share a few hotties this week. I figured, why not? So I’m handing over the reins

(and the saddle… and the riding crop… and the spurs… and the rope… and the ass-less chaps… and the… sorry, lost my train of thought) over to Raven this week. She is also sponsoring a giveaway. Enjoy! ~ Olivia

Now THIS is a reason to celebrate!

By Raven Morris

Hi everyone and thanks, Olivia, for allowing me to debut my new erotic short story series, Tied with a Bow by sharing my hotties on your Hottie Hump Day!

But this is pretty much the only sharing these guys are going to get, because the women do NOT want to share their fabulous birthday presents with anyone.

Yep, that’s what I said: birthday presents. Wouldn’t you like to unwrap something like this?

Imagine all the possibilities…


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