30 Days of Thanks – Day 22

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Zeke Fall 2013
Zeke, 12-year-old Black Lab and Greyhound mix, enjoying the Florida sunshine.

Our friend Teresa recommended Live Oak Veterinary Hospital when we brought Zeke home. Her Doberman, Gracie, had been a patient there her entire life and loved the staff. For 12 years, they have taken care of our pack and love our pets as much as we do. Thank you Live Oak for being committed to serving your patients with personal, professional and compassionate care.

30 Days of Thanks – Day 16

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I am blessed to have three amazing dogs as part of Hubby and my family.  Zeke, (aka. “Buddy,” or “Big Guy”) our oldest and only boy, is a black lab/greyhound mix and the mildest, sweetest alpha.  Hannah Bean, (aka. “Ms. Bean” or “Baby Girl”) our middle dog-daughter, is a black lab/pitbull mix and the dog I have bonded most closely with, in my entire life.  Charlotte, (aka. “Checkpoint Charlie”, or “Charlie Barley”) our youngest and most energetic, is the only Belgian Malinois descended from K9, Schutzhund and French Ring lines who thinks she’s a mutt like her older brother and sister.  They bring joy into our lives, keep us grounded and love us unconditionally.

Mable’s Chain

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Pitties, as I know from personal experience, are nothing more than a bundle of love. Sadly, they are maligned due to the unconscionable actions of irresponsible owners.

Please read Susan’s post and help, as you can. Rescuing Mable…The Links in Her Chain

Hannah’s Tanning Paradise.

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Hannah's Tanning Paradise.

Zeke (left), 10-year-old Black Lab/Greyhound, Hannah (middle) 9-year-old Black Lab/Pitbull, and Charlie (right) 2-year-old Belgian Malinois, enjoying the Florida sun.

Hannah is a professional in the art of GTL, and often has her brother and sister packmates over for spa days.