“Portal to Hell’s” New Owner: Zak Bagans

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zak_bagans_fuck off ghostsI have mixed feelings about Zak Bagans’ Travel Channel show “Ghost Adventurers,” even though I am a fan. They seem to have a knack for disrespecting spirits and taunting demons. However, their show is a nice contrast to the more serious “The Dead Files,” which takes a methodical, more global approach to examining places with possible paranormal activity. “The Dead Files,” pairs Amy Allan a medium with Steve Di Shavi on each case. Amy and Steve disseminate evidence separately, then provide the families a comprehensive report, with historical data, about events that may have lead to hauntings.   They also provide suggestions on how to deal with any paranormal activity.  Zak and his crew have a more of a “bull in a china shop” approach.

As The Haunted Librarian notes, Zak recently purchased a property in Indiana, known as the “portal to hell.”  He plans to live there, while his team investigates any activity. What could possibly happen? Oh boy.  Dangerous, does not begin to describe the world of hurt they may be unleashing, if they go into that situation ill-prepared and full of piss and vinegar.  In other words, the way they walk into all of their investigations.

API will be discussing this case and possible repercussions on their show, Thursday and I am curious to hear their take. Tune in, folks.

The Haunted Librarian

Supposed "Portal to Hell" House Supposed “Portal to Hell” House

“Portal to Hell’s” New Owner: Zak Bagans

Granted I’m a tad tardy to the discussion, but I’ve decided to jump into to fray. Ghost Adventurer’s Lead Investigator Zak Bagans has purchased the “haunted” house on Carolina Street in Gary, Indiana. He paid $35,000 for the “modest” property. Bagans is quoted as saying: “I really [have] a passion for this stuff… .” This smacks as a publicity stunt!

Charles Reed, the former owner, sold the property days after a local newspaper published a story whereby calling the house the “Portal to Hell.” Former renter Latoya Ammons, along with her three children and mother, moved into the house in 2011. During the following year, Ms. Ammons claims that one child levitated over a bed, another child walked backwards up a wall, ominous footsteps were heard, and the animal elicited strange behavior. Catholic priest Rev. Michael Maginot exorcised…

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Am I the Only Person Completely Hooked to “The Dead Files,” on TLC?

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The premise of this show is a dual investigation of site with possible paranormal activity.  Steve, a retired NYC detective researches the history of the location, including any foul play that may have occurred on the site.  Amy, a  medium sensitive to those who have passed on, does her own “walk,” to connect with any spirits present.

The show combines two program ideas I am drawn to: police “true crime” stories and paranormal activity.  Each Friday, I struggle to stay awake, after a long week of RN school and clinical rotations, to watch the latest show.  I like that they take a pragmatic, almost skeptical, approach to each investigation.   It’s one of the few intelligent reality TV show out there, in my opinion.

There’s also a big “heebee jeebies” factor that keeps me coming back for more.  I have always had a healthy respect for spirits.  Perhaps it was my own paranormal experience, when I was a toddler.  Apparently, my Grandfather Homer, “visited” me before his spirit left us and I was found crying out for him, by my Grandmother Olga.  I don’t remember the experience at all, and have always wondered if a medium would “see” him around me, acting as my Guardian Angel.

If you haven’t watched it, give it a try.  You might be as hooked, as I am.