Reassurance for Anyone Opting Out of Botox

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“You aren’t ugly. Societal messaging is.” X 100,000,000

Right. On. August. Right on!

I believe in adults doing any body modifications they want to, as long as they understand the risks/repercussions and does not harm anyone else. Inherent in that, is the right to NOT do anything to themselves, for the same reasons.

No one has the right, even if they think they “know best,” to shame another human being. I am always astounded when “well-meaning” people make comments on or about others’ appearance.

To the “well-meander” I say, bless your hearts, in my best Southern G.R.I.T.s tone. In other words, be nice or be quiet.

Girl Boner

Trust me, I get it. In a photo of yourself, you notice lines where there used to be smoothness, or deep crevices in place of faint lines. (“When did that happen?!?”) Meanwhile, continually more women are opting to freeze their facial muscles with Botox—and similar procedures—and regarding every crease that appears, society seems to scream, “Erase!” 

Now in my late 30s, I’ve lived in some of the most looks-centric places in the world, worked extensively in fashion and film and struggled with a severe eating disorder I’ve thankfully moved past. I now spend most of my time in the field of women’s empowerment. While my path hasn’t made me immune to “anti-aging” pressure, it has given me some helpful tools and perspective.

There's beauty and depth in aging. There’s beauty and depth in aging.

First, an important point: I am not out to shun anyone who chooses cosmetic procedures. I promise. Whatever a woman decides to do to her body or appearance…

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