New Season of “The Bachelor” Or Bring Back the Mini-Horse

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The premier of the latest installment of the craytastic Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise aired tonight and it was fabulous.   Ben, who, at about 25 should avoid, TV dating shows, was looking for his future wife/stalker.

Two standouts were Mandi, Kooky Dentist with a huge rose hat, and Lace….yes, Lace.  I cannot make this stuff up.  Lace seems like she will be the resident paranoid schizophrenic with delusions of love, and Mandi is simply odd.

One notable early dismissal went to  Huey, the mini-horse, who had more game than the entire field of contestants combined.   If I were Ben, I would have chosen mini-horse, high-fived Chris Harrison, and walked off into the sunset.  Spoiler alert: Ben sent Huey home.

Here’s the recap  The Bachelor Recap: A Unicorn, A Tiny Pony, and Ben Higgins — America’s Sweetheart –

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