First Week of School….WHEW!

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So, I got through the first week of A&P I and A&P I Lab. The great thing about my school is that they have support built into the program with free tutoring and weekly lab review sessions. I’m happy with their commitment to helping students succeed! The rest will be up to me.

My instructor is new to the school, but her no-nonsense attitude “be on time, turn off cell phones, wear appropriate clothes/shoes to lab, etc. was quite refreshing. Since I’ve used the “fat, drunk and stupid is not way to get through life” speech with college women I advise, it was right up my alley. I’ve also met some other mature students who I think will be study buddies, or at least vent buddies.

I’m happy to be taking one course to ease back into school, especially given the subject matter. I was thrilled to see that I actually remembered SOME things from my Chemistry I & II college courses that I took in 1986 and 1987! Maybe the old brain’s not so rusty, after all.