peace for Venezuela

Pray for Venezula, and Demand World Action

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As someone who saw her childhood irrevocably changed by a military, totalitarian government, what has been occurring in Venezuela worries and angers me.  For years, the country has suffered an economic crisis and violence against civilians has escalated.  Now that the people, especially young people, have taken to the streets to bring awareness to these issues, the military has retaliated in a bloody, and unnecessarily violent ways.

Many non-profit organizations like Un Mundo Sin Mordaza (A World without a (Mouth) Gag) and Amnesty International have called for scrutiny and worldwide attention on the latest violence against peaceful demonstrators, in Venezuela.

The following video is one of the most unbiased, citizen accounts of the actions against the Venezuelan people, by their own government.  It is not suitable for young children. unless they watch it under the guidance of a trusted adult who can explain its historical context.   The images are disturbing, but keep in mind that these actions have been escalating over the years.   They did not begin in a bubble.  They were allowed to happen under our watch, by good people who turned a blind eye.

Pray for peace, but be prepared to wage it.