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Ever feel overwhelmed by “stuff?”   I do, especially after watching episodes of “Hoarders,” on A&E.   I’m a pack rat. Always have been.  But, I don’t have trouble getting rid of the ubiquitous pile of paper, usually junk mail, that creeps onto the dining table.  Once the pile reaches critical mass, it’s gone!

Cleaning up my eating habits, however, is a different story.  I like food.  ALL kinds of food.  I’m the person to call, when you want to try a new restaurant and no one will go with you.   Unfortunately, I have the belly fat and chunky butt to show for it.   So, during this short break from RN school, I’m cleaning up my diet.

This has been easy and hard.   Easy, in that, I already like food, spices and vegetables.   Hard, in that, I REALLY like carbohydrates.   With sugar.   With salt.   With sugar and salt.  With a side of carbohydrates.   Especially, those found in bakeries, with sprinkles.

For the past three weeks, I’ve cut out all white carbs and added enormous amounts of vegetables.   By enormous, I mean, enough to substitute for the white carbs.  Which actually means smaller portions, because fresh vegetables bulk up faster in the body.   On days 2 and 3 I was a miserable, cranky, moody, harpy witch.   Sugar and unknown chemical detoxing is a bear.   In fact, the mood I was in, bears would have stayed far, far away from me.

I made it through the initial detox.  My next step is to find new recipes for lean proteins and vegetables.

Striving for progress, not perfection.