Orlando, Your Floridians Brothers and Sisters are With You

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As someone who went to college in Florida, I spent my share of time dancing in Orlando.  Since I came of age in the mid-1980s and early-1990s, my girlfriends and I loved going to gay clubs, because they had the best DJs, best music, and good drinks.   We felt safe there, knowing that we would be left alone and our drinks wouldn’t be altered (roofied) by creeper guys.


I have LGBT family members and lifelong, dear friends whom I love.  I have felt outrage when homophobic and transphobic comments have been hurled at them, I have stood next to them as their basic civil rights were threatened, and celebrated alongside them when the Supreme Court upheld marriage equality.

Today, however, my hurt and anger know no bounds. Seeing the toll having to address our Nation again, as more innocent American kids were senselessly murdered, by another Amercan, has taken on President Obama, broke my already wounded heart.  Learning that one of the victims who died, was a friend of one of the young women I advised, nearly broke me.  The very real possibility that more people I am close to, will know the victims, is all too real.  Tonight we grieve. Together. As one Florida family.

May our Father and our Blessed Mother, have mercy on us.   Our idolatry of the Almighty Gun and Dollar have brought us to this place.  I am sickened by it, but hearing about the acts of heroism and compassion, humble me.


Tomorrow, however, we fight. We fight to ensure that Pride Month is spectacular, sparkly and bigger than ever. I shall don my feminist cap again, and continue to fight for ALL people – which means we must elect Hillary Clinton.  Period.  There is no other choice.

My resolve, as a PFLAG, and someone who believes we are our brother’s/sister’s keeper, was tested, but remains steadfast.

I leave you with Mary Lambert’s beautiful voice, and bid you peace. Amen and Namaste. 
She Keeps Me Warm

2 thoughts on “Orlando, Your Floridians Brothers and Sisters are With You

    Hayson Manning said:
    June 13, 2016 at 11:44 am

    Beautiful post by a beautiful woman. My heart and thoughts too are with Orlando. Yet again we are confronted by another senseless massacre. Yet again, I despair that nothing will change. Please let there be change.

      Michelle responded:
      June 13, 2016 at 12:00 pm

      I think this is a case where “Angry Moms/Grandmoms/Aunties” will have to take up the cause, and organize behind Hillary Clinton, for any real change to occur.

      There are more people of conscience, than gun lovers. We need to step into the light and demand we be heard.

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