A Tribute to Bamberg

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My Hubby’s first post was Bamberg, when he was 17, in the mid-1980s. He absolutely loved the town and the people. We hope to visit somday, to see how much it has changed since then.

Brook and the Beagle

When I got here, I heard that Bamberg was the “best kept secret of the army.”  This phrase gets thrown around quite a bit, but this time, I’m pretty sure it’s true.  Sadly, this post’s glory days have gone by, and we’re farewelling a place that’s been home, for sure, but also a dream.

To those of you who never got to walk up to the “nature area” by the elementary school and look toward the city only to see Altenburg Castle lit up at night, I’m sorry.

I’m sorry for those of you who will never celebrate the city’s oldest living quarters and a church by watching people joust on the Regnitz River.  I’m sorry you’ll miss out on one euro scoop of gelato while marveling at the Rathaus and laughing about the 3-D foot  coming out of the wall.  I’m sorry you won’t peer into the Dom any…

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