API Joins True Ghost Stories Series

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Great news! I know the Haunted Librarian and am excited to see woman paranormal investigators being featured.

The Haunted Librarian

Archer Paranormal Investigations on True Ghost Stories Archer Paranormal Investigations on True Ghost Stories

API Joins True Ghost Stories Series

The API Gals are joining the True Ghost Stories family. Archer Paranormal Investigations represents Team Georgia for the upcoming series scheduled to debut on June 15th. The series follows 15 paranormal teams from the United States, Canada, and Europe as they investigate paranormal activity. The series is unique because nothing is scripted! The hour-long episodes showcase what investigations are truly like.

Larry Overman, owner of the Crescent Mine where the incredibly popular Ghost Mine was filmed, created Tesla Wolf Media, which will produce the series. The series will be available on Roku and on Paranoia TV. Sherri Emily, founder of L.I.F.E. Omni Radio (www.wlor.net), joins as an executive producer. Nick Sarlo, founder of the paranormal team Shadow Hunters, directs.

API’s first episode was filmed at a residential home built to resemble a medieval castle. The…

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