You Asked: Interview with Jason Aaron Baca – Cover Model & Fitness Trainer

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Check out my blogger buddy, Ms. Romantic Reads’, interview of one of the most popular male romance book cover models. Illuminating.


When looking for the next great read, my eye is always drawn to the cover first. How often have we drooled over the covers featuring a hunky hero with bulging muscles, tattoos, great lips, etc? Have you ever wondered who the mystery man was? Well, I went in search of answers, and I’m very excited to tell you that I have found one of those mystery men – meet Jason Aaron Baca.

res_Collage JAB

He was kind enough to grant me an interview, but I didn’t want to ask the same questions as all the other blogs, which is exactly what ended up happening. Since the purpose of this interview is to get to know Jason better and show off his amazing portfolio, I thought why not go directly to those of you who will be reading this? My friends and followers. I asked them to send me their burning questions. Thank…

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