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Only one example of how freedoms have been usurped by the Venezuelan government. #SOSVenezuela #Pray4Venezuela

Caracas Chronicles

francesca-commissari-400x250 The case of Italian photographer Francesca Commissari has already been reported on this blog , but her ordeal didn’t quite stop after she was freed without charges last week.

The full story can be read in full detail in this extense but excellent report from ABC Color, a major newspaper from Asuncion, Paraguay.

Commisari tells about how she was arrested by the National Guard while she was covering the protests in Altamira Square. But her arrest on February 28th was only the beginning of a terrible experience:

All detained (including Commisari) were taken to Fuerte Tiuna, the most important military base in Venezuela… …The women were separated from the men and they were put together in a small room, which they can only leave to go to the bathroom but after being previously handcuffed. Men were handcuffed at all times and forced to sleep in the floor. Women were…

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