The ongoing war on journalists

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Caracas Chronicles

VENEZUELA-POLITICS-OPPOSITION-PROTEST Warning: Reporting what’s happening in Venezuela could be hazardous to your health.

Much has been said about the enormous pressure the government has applied on both domestic and foreign media in the current crisis, but that’s not the entire story. Many journalists on the ground have become direct targets of violence over the last few days

According to this list released on Sunday by the National Press Workers’ Union (SNTP), at least 62 press workers (including camera operators, photographers, production crew members, and others) have been victims of abuse and/or harassment by either police forces, the National Guard, irregular armed groups or protesters:

BhLyi9JCIAA4agfMost victims work for Venezuelan news outlets, yet the number of international correspondents involved in those incidents is considerable. From France Presse to Deutsche Welle to CNN en Español, from Colombia’s Caracol to Brazilian TV channel SBT, it looks like the pressure against international media…

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