Dark Days in San Cristóbal, Where It All Started

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Caracas Chronicles

Tachira Today San Cristóbal’s new normal

No city in Venezuela has been hit harder by the recent violence than San Cristóbal, the city of 650,000 up in the Andes where the current bout of protests started 18 days ago.

Last night, the authorities shut down internet service to the whole city, which explains why so few YouTube videos have emerged from  San Cristóbal. The internet blackout caused serious fears about what the town’s people could be facing, so today we reached out to contacts in San Cristóbal to try to get the story.

How It Started: Protesting Sexual Assault

San Cristóbal is a college town, home to half a million andeans and a three large universities (UNET, ULA, UCAT). It’s pretty much where this whole protest movement started. On February 2nd, after over a year of asking the state government for improved security measures to curb rampant crime on campus, a freshman…

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