It’s Okay to be Odd by Vonnie Davis

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Vonnie presents a serious issue with great insight. Please do not “dismiss the blues.” Self-care and awareness are not luxuries, but necessary to for a full life.

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depressed woman

I’m coming at you with a serious topic today, chickas: Depression. If you’ve never had it, please read on. If you have, well, please read on. Depression afflicts both sexes. Women, being the smarter creatures in the emotional department, know the value of sharing feelings. Men don’t talk about theirs. Heck, some rarely talk about anything deeper than the football playoff schedule and why there isn’t any beer in the frig. And that’s okay; it’s what makes them who they are.

Women, on the other hand, know how to express their feelings. Or do we? For some of us, sharing we live with depression is hard. We fear we’ll be labeled as overly emotional, or whiny or two steps from the loony bin. Why? Because depression still carries a strong dose of social stigma. Those who’ve never battled it—and Lord knows it IS a battle—tend to frown at us and…

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