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Nancy provides inexpensive and relatively stress-free steps to creating a marketing video for your book. Please pay special attention to the fact that you should PURCHASE the licensing rights for music, video and photos they use in their book trailers. I have seen entirely too many that use other people’s copyrighted and/or trademarked material, which amounts to stealing. Kudos to Nancy on a great post.

Nancy's Notes From Florida

Would you like to create your own book trailer in Windows Live Movie Maker? It’s a way to save money and to maintain control over your project. If so, be prepared to spend time on a learning curve. The first effort is the hardest, but then you’ll know what to do for subsequent titles. Just follow these steps for Windows 7, and you’re on your way. Most likely, if you have a PC, you already have this program on your menu. If not, Go Here and download it for free. (I also use the Windows Live Photo Gallery to store and edit my photos.)

My recent trailer for Hanging By A Hair cost me $58 for the images and music from The images are perfect for the story, and the music adds tension. Click below if you haven’t seen it yet.

There are some companies that will…

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