Giveaway: Favorite Book Series Giveaway!!!

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Amazing giveaway from one of my favorite book bloggers.

Jessy's Book Club

I haven’t had a giveaway in months! I’d nearly forgotten how much work fun it is to hold a giveaway 🙂

Now here’s the thing, I read so many books that by the time the second book in a series is out, I’ve forgotten about the first. But there’re a couple of authors who’ve managed to not only keep my interest, they’ve kept me salivating for the next book.

With a lot of donations from these generous authors, each week, and the rules may vary, readers will get a chance to win ALL e-copies or ALL signed paperbacks of each series!

The giveaway officially starts tomorrow (Thursday November 21), but for today, check out Jessy’s Book Club on Facebook for the opportunity to win an e-copy of any one of the books listed in the giveaway and a $20 amazon gift card 🙂

Now you must be wondering which series’…

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