Short and Sweet Praise for Hayson Manning

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It has been a while since I posted, partly because I am deep in my last semester of Nursing school.   But, mostly because I am exhausted.   Bone weary.  And yet, not defeated.

I must take a moment, however, and thank Hayson Manning for her latest book, Winning the Boss’ Heart.  This is Ms. Manning’s second novel and I highly recommend it.   Her heroine, Billie, is worth buying the book.  And, when you add in Mason, the tortured hero….well, just buy the book and read it.

However, this post is not a review of the book, which I loved.  I promise to post my review very soon.

No.  Really.  I promise.

Tonight I raise my Absolutely Dirty Martini glass to Hayson, the woman, herself.   She wrote some words that brought me to tears and tonight I read them again.  I needed to.   Those words helped me recharge my spirit batteries and re-energize my Girl Power Mojo.

So to my favorite female Kiwi, I say THANK YOU and Kia Ora, because I’m pretty sure it’s tomorrow on her side of the world.  You are incredibly dear to me, luv.


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