Meet the transgender ex-SEAL who’s challenging the House’s No. 2 Democrat

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I wish she still lived in FL. I would support her campaign!

Originally posted on Fusion:

Kristin Beck served 20 years in the U.S. Navy. She realized recently that she still wants to serve — albeit in a much different role.

Beck, the only openly transgender former Navy SEAL, announced late Wednesday she will challenge Steny Hoyer, the No. 2 Democrat in the House of Representatives, next year. Beck’s entry into the House race could set up a high-profile — albeit uphill — battle of a campaign for a seat in Maryland’s 5th congressional district, as she attempts to become Congress’ first transgender member.

“When you’re in the military, you feel outside of the system and isolated a little bit from politics,” Beck, 48, told Fusion. “But then you look around — the homelessness, the unemployment — this country is what I fought 20 years for. And I want to do something to make it better.”

Beck said both her military experience and her journey thereafter make…

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Anonymous boy sends valentines to every girl in school

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This is the true spirit of Valentine’s Day! Just be nice, people.

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EDMOND, Okla. — Flowers, candy, and public displays of affection.  It’s supposed to be the most romantic day of the year. But Valentine’s Day can be hurtful for those without a special someone.

At Edmond Memorial High School, there are no lonely hearts this year.

“All the girls were surprised this morning,” Laura Pitcock said.

All 1076 female students were surprised with candy and cards.

“He wanted to stay anonymous, but I have a feeling a good deed like this is going to get out,” Sarah Cameron said.

Secrets are hard to keep, especially in high school.  It didn’t take long for the Bulldog student body to learn who was behind this random act of kindness.

Dan Williams is the secret Romeo. “To know that someone cares about them, that’s the best feeling in the world I think.”

Williams worked all summer to raise enough money for his Valentine’s…

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Watch This Australian TV Anchor Brilliantly Slam ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’

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Loved her review. It was spot on, if you consider the source material.

Originally posted on UPROXX:

Whatever you think of morning shows (hopefully meh things), they’re not exactly known for their rich film criticism. But recently, Lisa Wilkinson, a typically cheery anchor on Australia’s typically cheery Today show, went out and saw Fifty Shades of Grey. Her response?

Fifty Shades of Grey is, quite simply, the worst movie I’ve ever seen.”

“Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey is a 30-something jerk of a billionaire who never seems to work. An emotionally crippled narcissist no one could love. Meanwhile, Dakota Johnson is the one-dimensional lip biting—COULD SOMEONE GET THAT GIRL A CHAPSTICK?—pathetic Anastasia Steele who, for no discernible reason, falls in love with the aforementioned jerk and singlehandedly sells women across the world short. Yes, Fifty Shades of Grey is more appalling than appealing. It’s domestic violence dressed up as erotica. And if there’s one thing this movie is not, it’s erotic. One star out of five, Dicky…

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Top Ten Reasons “Secretary” Beats “50 Shades of Grey” – SundanceTV

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I mentioned how poorly 50 Shades of Grey, tries to depict a D/s or BDSM relationship, in a few earlier posts.  This article illustrated it more concisely than I could.

Top Ten Reasons “Secretary” Beats “50 Shades of Grey” – SundanceTV.

Three Things I’d Do to Kanye West if He Were a Character in One of My Novels

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THIS is why Alisa Valdés is one of my favorite authors and I’m looking forward to reading her new book! Bravo!

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Kanye West. You kind of thought, for a moment, that when he jumped on stage at the Grammys this week alongside Beck, that he had, you know, come to terms with his imperial douchery and was contrite, maybe even self-deprecating. You thought, for a second or two, that he was referencing the last time he jumped on stage at an awards show, to grab a trophy away from Taylor Swift for the horrifying crime, presumably, of Winning While Not Kanye or Someone Kanye Likes.

But no.

Cut to: Backstage, after the Beck-bombing, when Kanye is bitching about how that award should have gone to Beyonce, without a hint – nary a Kardashiass whiff – of penitence. The diarrhea of stinking words dribbling from his awkward little ass-mouth made it look all the more like an embattled sphincter.

Being an introvert and a novelist, I found myself dreaming of plots that Kanye…

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Why I Chose to Write About a Lovable Liar

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Alisa Valdés has been one of my favorite authors and I have missed her voice in the world of fiction.

“Love at First Lie,” features a main character, who, like many of us, has lied. Her lie, however, impacts at least three lives, and it will be fascinating to see how Ms. Valdés weaves this tangled tale through to its resolution.

Originally posted on Author Alisa Valdes:


My new novel, LOVE AT FIRST LIE, is going to be published on March 1, 2015 by VEE Books, and it features a protagonist unlike any I’ve ever written before. Argentine American aspiring painter and singer Dahlia Krumholtz (maiden name Dahlia Miller) is a recovering cocaine addict, and a liar. She is also, when we meet her, a good mother, decent housewife, wonderful friend, world-class painter and singer, involved member of the community, and a self-deprecating, self-destructive wiseass.

Conventional wisdom in commercial women’s fiction (my genre, I suppose) tells us that we ought to write fairly simple, “likable,” inspiring, relatable characters. Conventional wisdom also tells us that liars are inherently loathsome. So why would I choose, knowing the restrictive parameters of the genre, to create a liar as my lead character? In a word: Compassion.

Dahlia’s story, and her lie, are based on the fascinating, complicated real life of a…

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