The Olympics Start Soon!

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Can’t wait for the 2012 London Olympics!  I’ll be glued to the screen and possibly watch the 80 NBC networks that are cobbled together to present all the events, simultaneously.  Then, I’ll suffer Olympics withdrawal and will have to “medicate” with ebooks.  

“Weatherman,” by Dead Sara

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I’ve heard this band several times in the past few days on Sirius XM, as commercial radio and I parted company, years ago. I love strong female lead singers and wish female fronted bands received more recognition. Enjoy Dead Sara’s “Weatherman.” I wish them much success!

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Sharing a new author, Raven Morris’, anthology, “Tied With a Bow.” Enjoy!

Olivia Cunning's Blog

Debut erotic romance author, Raven Morris, wanted to share a few hotties this week. I figured, why not? So I’m handing over the reins

(and the saddle… and the riding crop… and the spurs… and the rope… and the ass-less chaps… and the… sorry, lost my train of thought) over to Raven this week. She is also sponsoring a giveaway. Enjoy! ~ Olivia

Now THIS is a reason to celebrate!

By Raven Morris

Hi everyone and thanks, Olivia, for allowing me to debut my new erotic short story series, Tied with a Bow by sharing my hotties on your Hottie Hump Day!

But this is pretty much the only sharing these guys are going to get, because the women do NOT want to share their fabulous birthday presents with anyone.

Yep, that’s what I said: birthday presents. Wouldn’t you like to unwrap something like this?

Imagine all the possibilities…


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Hannah’s Tanning Paradise.

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Hannah's Tanning Paradise.

Zeke (left), 10-year-old Black Lab/Greyhound, Hannah (middle) 9-year-old Black Lab/Pitbull, and Charlie (right) 2-year-old Belgian Malinois, enjoying the Florida sun.

Hannah is a professional in the art of GTL, and often has her brother and sister packmates over for spa days.

Vote Vets Reaction to Mrs. Obama’s Military Families Initiative on MSNBC

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Vote Vets Reaction to Mrs. Obama’s Military Families Initiative on MSNBC

As the wife of a US Army veteran (Go Artillery!), holidays that honor our nation take on a special meaning.  They are more than an opportunity to grill meat, watch fireworks, enjoy cool beverages and spend time with friends and family.    They are a time to reflect on the sacrifice our young men/women and their families make, so we can enjoy real freedom.   

On this eve of July 4th, my sincerest wish is that we bring our troops home quickly and safely, that they have the full medical/health benefits they have earned, are hired into their chosen career field, and never go hungry or homeless.  

Thank you and I support you, through


Contemporary vs. Historical Novels

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I prefer contemporary heroines, with all the bells-and-whistles, trials-and-tribulations, and you-go-girl attitude of contemporary novels.   Bodice rippers on pirate ships, featuring Fabio (or Fabio II, Fabio III, mini-Fabio, Fabio Jr,. etc.) can kiss my ass.   I’m not attracted to periods of time without hydroelectric power or hot/cold running water, massage therapists and fast cars.  That’s all.

Sorority Recruitment – To Rush or Not to Rush

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Sororities, on college campuses, have begun to experience a resurgence.  As the children of Gen-X Greeks seek a similar type of college experience, as their parents (i.e., people my age) they are “discovering” the benefits of Greek life.  I am a member of an NPC group and continue active involvement, as an Alumna.  Neither of my parents were involved in GLOs (Greek Letter Organizations), but both encouraged me to meet as many new people, as  I could.  They also understood the value of being affiliated with international organizations, after college graduation.

Recently, I was asked by several friends whose daughters are ready to attend college, whether these young women should go through Sorority Recruitment, or not.  My answer is an unequivocal, enthusiastic YES!   

In a nutshell, Sorority Recruitment is the process by which these fraternal women’s groups seek out new members.  Typically, the process is governed by the local Panhellenic Council, made up of all the NPC (National Panhellenic Conference) on campus.   Each campus is different and recruitment will reflect that campus’ “style.”

So, why do I encourage young women to participate in Sorority Recruitment.  Simply put, it’s an easy way to meet potential friends.  Whether they are invited to join (accept a bid) a Sorority, or not, it is an experience in learning how to market and present themselves, under pressure.  Women should focus on being themselves, and highlighting their accomplishments and interests.   If you know Alumnae members of any group, ask them for references.   

I recommend the following three websites for more information: – Information/FAQs for parents of potential new members. – Information for young women interested in participating in Recruitment. – Step-by-step instructions on the Recruitment process, what to expect and how to get ready, for potential new members