Blades Le Respondió a Maduro…con Sensatez y en buen Panameño

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En el 18 de febrero, Rubén Blades, publicó su resumen personal llamado, Venezuela, sobre la situación trágica que está viviendo el pueblo Venezolano a manos de sus gobernantes y cuerpos militares.   Como mencioné en este blog, soy fanática del cantautor, pero no de su ausiencia durante el régimen de Noriega, en Panamá.  Esa “persona” (Noreiga) nos dañó la adolecencia a más de una generación y se cago en nuestro país, pero su juicio será por el Todopoderoso, ya que la Karma nos encuentra a todos, al fin y al cabo.

Al leer las declaraciones de Blades, Nicolás Maduro, Presidente de Venezuela, quien ordenó los ataques brutales sobre manifestantes pacificos,  transmitió este video.     Maduro,  quien dice ser fanático de Blades,  no solo, malinterpreta la letra y mensaje de sus canciones, si no que invita a Blades a Venezuela.    El hombre es un imbecil malvado, cajonauta, con complejo napoleónico de grado superlativo.   O como decimos en Panamá…¡Qué poca altura!

El 20 de febrero, Blades le “paró el happy” a Maduro con las siguientes declaraciones eloquentes y prudentes.    Rubén Blades estudió derecho en la Universidad de Panamá, obtenió su posgrado en Harvard University y ha creado una carrera sobresaliente como compositor, músico y cantante.   Las palabras han sido su lienzo y las usa con precisión en su respuesta a Maduro.

Mientras tanto, las violaciones a los derechos humanos contra los Venezolanos, a manos de su gobierno siguen sin censura alguna del primer mundo.  ¡¡¿Hasta cuando?!!

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30 Days of Thanks – Day 17

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I am thankful to live in a City that embraces spiritual and faith openness and religious tolerance. ALL faiths, or spiritual/non-spiritual paths, are equally important and should be respected, unconditionally.coexist

Veterans’ Day 2013 – 30 Days of Thanks – Day 11

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As a member of the American Legion Auxiliary, the poppy is near and dear to my heart. On Memorial Day and Veterans Day, millions of red crepe paper poppies, handmade by veterans as part of their therapeutic rehabilitation, are distributed across the country in exchange for donations that go directly to assist disabled and hospitalized veterans in our communities.

Thank you to our Veterans and those men and women who continue to serve in the Armed Forces.

I have written posts about my deep respect for men and women in uniform, as I did not serve.   From family members, including my beloved Hubby, to friends and coworkers, I have known Veterans from too many wars.  They are some of the most incredibly gifted, loyal people, with an enormous capacity for love.  My personal commitment to them, is to continue to shatter stigmas about PTSD and shine a light on the ongoing, immediate need for full medical and psychiatric benefits for all of them, for the rest of their lives.  It is the least our Country can do for the people who sacrifice themselves for us.

Sadly, I have received “private” notes from those who see my progressive views as “unpatriotic” and have questioned my feelings.  To those “people,” (who know NOTHING about me or my family), I simply say, “Karma, finds everyone” and delete their negative remarks. Then, I donate to VoteVets.org, to ensure that we elect progressive Veterans, who continue to be committed to protecting the rights and freedoms of all Americans.  Patriotism is neither liberal, nor conservative, it knows no socioeconomic boundary, and is not ascribed to a specific sex, creed, color, ethnicity, sexual orientation or age.  To me it is a feeling of humbleness whenever I encounter someone who has given freely, and openly of himself or herself, in service of our Country.

Movie Recommendation – “Femme: Women Healing the World”

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I highly recommend my Friends see FEMME: WOMEN HEALING THE WORLD.  It’s a NEW film about women around the world transforming and healing global society on a daily basis.
I highly recommend my Friends see FEMME: WOMEN HEALING THE WORLD. It’s a NEW film about women around the world transforming and healing global society on a daily basis.

FEMME is an inspirational voyage about women around the world who are actively transforming and healing global society on a daily basis.

Starring Sharon Stone (Casino, Total Recall, Basic Instinct), Jean Houston, Marianne Williamson, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Riane Eisler, Nobel Peace Prize Laureates Shirin Ebadi and Mairead Maguire, Rickie Lee Jones, Gloria Steinem, and more!

Influential women discuss religion, science, history, politics and entertainment – and the solutions to the multiple crisis’ we face throughout the world. FEMME focuses on utilizing a feminine approach with nurturing energy to inspire a new hope for the future. Directed By: Emmanuel Itier, Produced By: Amanda Estremera, Andrea Barron, Barbara Lazaroff, Celeste Yarnall, Dawn Zuill, and Sharon Stone.

Be sure to tell your Friends!  Watch it instantly http://facebook.com/FemmeTheMovie!

View the Official Movie Trailer.  

Governor Perry, watch out for the Wendy Davis Express

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Dear Melissa,
I teach on Saturday mornings, so I only hear your show on my XM Radio. You keep me going and I appreciate your outrage, passion, humor, dedication, and hard work to ensure those who need to hear a LESSON, hear it.
Your fan,