#Sharknado took over Twitter, but not the ratings race

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I woke up this morning to sunny skies and birds chirping in the trees.   I am suffering from post-Sharknado storm fatigue and thanking our lucky stars that Ian Ziering learned how to wield a chainsaw at West Beverly High.   This movie is a possible end-of-days scenarios that has not been considered.  I for one, am happy, to have been shown this cautionary tale.  We were saved from imminent planetary destruction, people!

The moral of this story: Be nice to sharks and stop chasing tornadoes.  You never know when they will reunite for a sequel.

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Syfy executives are probably partying right now, given the frenzy they stirred on Twitter with “Sharknado.”

The made-for-TV monster movie has a thin premise about a tornado of sharks descending upon Los Angeles, but it was devoured by pretty much everyone during its premiere Thursday night — and we mean everyone, including Mia Farrow.

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Governor Perry, watch out for the Wendy Davis Express

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Dear Melissa,
I teach on Saturday mornings, so I only hear your show on my XM Radio. You keep me going and I appreciate your outrage, passion, humor, dedication, and hard work to ensure those who need to hear a LESSON, hear it.
Your fan,