…on Plagiarism and Disgust

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The lesson to be learned here is simple: DO NOT STEAL OTHER PEOPLE’S WORK. The internet is forever.

Adventures of a Caribbean Girl... who writes!

I am angry,

I am very angry.

I am blowing a gasket, a fuse or any of the other metaphors you can come up with for red with anger. I chuckle at this as I can’t technically turn red since I’m black but you get the point.


This evening started off pretty well. I’m still working on my practice writing in an attempt to propel my Muse from her awkward teenage, acne-filled, bracing wearing years to a more mature young adult when Laurell K Hamilton retweeted a tweet that stopped me dead in my tracks. The original tweet was made by Lorelei James who complained of someone , Alison Gilmore, passing off one of her books published in 2009 as their own. Alison used a website to upload the book one chapter at a time. She was originally a member of where she stated she was writing One…

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Put on your cowboy boots, it’s time to kick some plagiarizing ass…

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Posting the intellectual property of authors, without their expressed approval, is STEALING. It is illegal, immoral and cowardly. Please, please, please share this information with your followers.
Plagiarizing another person’s work is wrong.
Help spread the word. On all your Social Media Platforms.



As of 10:25 PM Eastern time her site is down and her Twitter feed, which we obtained from the links on her own site, is saying it’s not her. However, this author on her blog posted screenshots of Alison promoting her twitter account on the Weebly where the work was posted. HERE

**NEW** Woke Saturday morning to find her Twitter account is also disabled 🙂

Alison Gilmore Plagiarist Alison Gilmore plagiarized Lorelei James then denied it



We have a serious situation.

Author Lorelei James has found her work ALL JACKED UP from the Rough Riders series (2009) being plagiarized word for word by a woman who is posting it one chapter at a time and claiming it as her own. Legal threats have not worked so now it’s time mobilize the reader community to come together and shame this woman off the web and educate all her “readers” that the work they are commenting on and so…

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A New Era in Fashion—How Abercrombie & Fitch Saves Needless Suffering

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I didn’t think it was possible, after her first brilliant post on A&F, but Kristen Lamb, just blew it out of the park! With humor.  Nailed it!

Kristen Lamb's Blog

Last Friday, I wrote a post about how Abercrombie & Fitch’s CEO Michael Jeffreys’ message hurts us all, no matter how fat or thin, pretty or ugly, rich or poor, popular or unpopular. Yet, upon closer inspection, I am compelled to retract my statement. In fact, I think Jeffreys’ should be given serious consideration for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Bear with me.

The Birth of Fashion

At one time, early in human history, clothing served to protect humans from the elements and keep them warm. But, what many of you might NOT know was that everyone looked the same, running around in somewhat smelly saber-tooth outerwear.

It was really Ug who came up with the first line of saber-tooth necklaces to accessorize these early, boring designs. Ug later inspired Og to use the teeth of a boar as bracelets. Not only could one look smashing day OR night, but boar-tooth…

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To Be Womanly Always, Discouraged Never

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As a Chi Omega, I could not have been prouder of how graciously Kelsey handled herself. She exemplifies our Symphony, beautifully and is a fantastic role model for women everywhere.

Let There Be Light

Live it. Love it. Be it.I will forever be indebted to my sorority, Chi Omega, for the amazing college experience I had. The friendships I made during my four years at American University are ever-lasting … and I wouldn’t be who I am today without Chi O.

In the 12 years since my graduation, I’m always thrilled to discover that a stranger, a new friend, someone’s second cousin … is a Chi O, a fellow sister.

Which is why today, I’m sharing this article.

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I’d Like to Procrastinate….But, I Keep Putting it Off

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The thing about a blog, is that it requires a certain level of commitment, which seemed to have escaped me for a YEAR! Hell. My best intention was to chronicle my return to college, but I never realized how TIRED I’d be.

Yeah. That’s just an excuse for NOT posting in almost a year. In that time, I’ve watched my weight creep back up, such that I had to go into the bag of “fatter” clothes that was destined to go to charity and pulled out a bigger pair of jeans. There is NOTHING about that action that makes me happy or proud of myself.

I’ve decided to stop making excuses and start looking for results. It starts TODAY.

So, I’m back after completing my first two semesters of pre-requisites. Anatomy & Physiology I and II, and corresponding labs, Statistics and the mandatory Computer Literacy class are in the DONE column. I’ll be registering for Microbiology and lab, Ethics and World Religions in a couple of days. I’ve taken the Summer off to study for the American Council on Exercise (ACE) group fitness certification exam, which I will take this Summer, before the Zumba convention in late August.

I will be visiting another local LPN/RN program to find out their application process and whether they offer Financial Aid. I have to investigate all my options, because I’m too old and have been out of work too long, to leave anything else up to chance. If any of you would like to share how you did it – LPN program, then bridge to RN, BSN/RN program, RN to BSN, etc. I’d love to hear about your journey.

I haven’t decided what day will be my “blogging” day, yet, but I’m deciding right here and now, that I WILL do it!

Ironically, the theme song for the Harry Potter movies, advertising the Harry Potter ride at Universal Orlando, is playing in the background as I type this. It could be worse, I guess. I could be the greatest hits of Milli Vanilli…”Girl you know it’s true…” Man, I MISS 80s retro pop lip sync!