Book Review – “Breaking All the Rules (A Few Good Men),” by Kerry Connor

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Recipe for an “Accidental” Relationship – Mix an Independent Baker with a Sexy Marine

The rules were simple. Nina Warren and Bobby Dellucci met for sweaty, hot, fun between the sheets, with no commitments, whenever he was in town. The arrangement worked well for several years, but Bobby had a different plan this time. He wanted to explore whether they had deeper feelings for each other, or not. Nina, a Navy brat, refused to be in a relationship with a military man. She already knew, first hand, the sacrifices military spouses/families made. But, Bobby was up for a challenge. Let the games begin!

Nina, and her friend Ashley, owned a successful bakery in San Diego. Bobby also lived there, with his fellow Marine buddy, Mac (when they are in the States). Bobby and Nina met at a bar and their chemistry was instantaneous. They fell into each other’s arms (and bed) each time they saw each other, but their relationship did not progress past the “bed buddies” stage. The story focuses on how Nina, who is wary of her feelings for Bobby, and reluctant to “date” Bobby, comes around while still maintaining her independence.

Ms. Connor had me rooting for Bobby, as he wooed Nina. I became invested in their lives. These were complex adults who are used to being alone and relying on themselves. The secondary characters of Ashley and Mac were the supportive, but not enabling, best friends, who were not afraid to ask the difficult questions. I hope Ms. Connor is planning to write their stories.

I downloaded Breaking All the Rules (A Few Good Men) when it was free on Amazon and was very pleasantly surprised! This was the perfect book to read on Memorial Day, as it features a Marine and the woman who loves him. The realities of military life are an integral part of the story, as are how the characters work through their personal issues regarding long-term commitment.

I highly recommend it!

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